Build GuideΒΆ

  1. Install the dependencies.

  2. Clone the build scripts.

git clone cosmic
cd cosmic;
  1. Run setup script. This will download all Yocto related source files and a Docker container in which you perform the build. All dependencies are preinstalled.

  1. Run enter_build_env script. This will start a container, mount your home directory inside it and get you in a bash session. This way, your built files will persist even if the container is removed.

  1. Start Yocto. This will create a build folder and populate it with some config files.

cd src/yocto
source oe-init-build-env ../build
  1. Substitute the files located in build/conf/local.conf and build/conf/bblayers.conf with the ones you cloned in step 1. Change the value of HOST_CORE_COUNT on build/conf/local.conf to the value that best suits your computer.

  2. Build it!

bitbake cosmic-base-image